Relish Food & Wine Festival

Saturday 1 June 2024 | Queens Park & Portside Precinct, Maryborough
Saturday 1 June 2024 | Queens Park & Portside Precinct, Maryborough
Saturday 1 June 2024 |  Maryborough
A great selection of wineries from across the Fraser Coast, Wide Bay Burnett and Sunshine Coast

Cellar Door

Amrita Park Meadery take pride in sourcing the finest local honey from the rich region between Gympie and Childers, resulting in a truly distinctive and high-quality mead that is both artisanal and award-winning. Their meads are carefully crafted to provide a full and complex flavour profile that is sure to delight your senses and leave you wanting more. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a unique insight into the world of mead-making. 

Clovely Estate’s roots are in the South Burnett and our heart is in bringing people closer through outstanding artisan wine and food.

Our vineyards and olive groves are on land that has been in the family for more than a century. This is a place where we love to be and where our enthusiastic small team come together to plant, to grow, to nurture, to imagine, to harvest, to press, to bottle… and always to create something that captures the unique flavour of our region. Over the past two decades our vineyards have matured to take advantage of their perfect terroir and our artisan approach has resulted in some of Queensland’s most-awarded wines.

Proud to be a family owned and operated boutique winery and Cellar door. We ensure every bottle has no additives or preservatives, keeping with an “old world” style used for centuries. We offer a wide range of wines, from whites and reds through to fortifieds and sparkling, all made with love and care by expert winemakers, Terry & Mary Byrne. 


Lightning Tree Wines is a small family owned business operating in the South Burnett Wine Region. We grow premium wine grapes which are made into award winning quality wines. 

Lychee Hill Estate is the only winery on the Fraser Coast which is a picturesque area of Queensland, Australia. Lychee Hill Estate is known for producing high-quality Lychee liqueurs, wines, and ciders. The estate’s orchard is carefully tended to, and the Lychees are picked to ensure exceptional quality in every bottle. Lychee Hill focus on quality and sustainability in all their farming practices.  Lychee Hill Estate offers a unique and memorable wine-tasting experience on the Fraser Coast. 

Moffatdale Ridge is a family-owned winery located in the heart of the South Burnett wine region in Queensland, Australia. The winery produces a range of premium wines and liqueurs using a combination of traditional and modern winemaking techniques. The grapes are grown in the estate vineyards and carefully selected from nearby growers, resulting in wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. 

Nuova Scuola Wines is a boutique winery located in the South Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. The winery produces a range of premium-quality wines using innovative winemaking techniques with a focus on Mediterranean grape varieties. The owners are experienced winemakers committed to sustainable farming practices, working with their particular climate and vineyard site to cultivate the highest quality grapes possible.  As a skilled husband and wife winemaking team, their wines are handcrafted with passion and experience resulting in complex and elegant wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. 

From humble beginnings as a rundown tropical fruit farm in Childers to a thriving craft brewery and cider house in Bundaberg, Ohana Winery and Cheeky Tiki Cider is changing the game when it comes to unique brews. Forget artificial flavours and boring blends—their wines and ciders are crafted from fresh Queensland fruit, straight from the farm. No shortcuts or secrets, just fresh fruit transformed into delicious and exciting wines, ciders and more. Cheers to that!  

At Vintner’s Secret Vineyard & Cellar Door, we pride ourselves on using organic principles and practices to create not just a vineyard, but also an orchard and beautifully landscaped gardens. Take a leisurely stroll through our stunning gardens, find a tranquil spot for contemplation, or enjoy a picturesque picnic with your loved ones. But of course, the real star is our vineyard, where we produce exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of our region. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, each bottle of our wine is crafted with care and passion to provide you with a truly memorable experience.